Zuma hits out at Nato over Libya

Nato allies could be seeking a regime change in Libya in a manner that is “unacceptable”, President Jacob Zuma told the Parliament of Burundi on Thursday.

“We have found ourselves in a situation where the developed world has decided to intervene in Africa in a manner that was not agreed to when the UN resolution 1973…was passed,” he said in a speech prepared for delivery.

“We have found this resolution being abused in a manner that is totally unacceptable.”

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One Response to Zuma hits out at Nato over Libya

  1. Funmi Ade says:

    Well done South Africa. As a ‘British’ of Nigerian origins, I was disgusted & greatly disturbed to learn that Nigeria has recognized the NTC as the legitimate govenment of Libya – an affront!. All those in Africa who do not want to witness the physical re- enslavement of Africans by Europeans again; Europeans who seem incapable of ‘live & let live’, must continue to support & rally round Gaddafi, with prayers & moral rectitude. Our ability to live in safety & dignity will be sorely tested if we do not. Its not over till its over !! God bless Africa, God bless Gaddafi

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