Waging a Savage War on Libyan People – Lizzie Phelan

I watched their heartbroken and incensed loved ones bury the 33 children, 32 women and 20 men NATO claimed were likely to be part of the military or “mercenaries”. Most of the population of the Zlitan town Majer turned out for their burial chanting furiously against NATO.

As we captured on film and in history the aftermath of NATO’s crimes, person after person came to tell us how NATO was creating a generation of Libyans so filled with rage that they would see no recourse but to send themselves to martyrdom in revenge against the west.

The owners of the multiple houses which were bombed, spread some distance apart from one another, had been hosting scores of refugees from the nearby city of Misrata, who fled from the horrifying atrocities commited against them by the NATO financed and armed Libyan “rebels”.

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