Africans stuck in Tunisia after fleeing from Libya

African workers in particular were frequently targeted by Gaddafi’s opponents, who sometimes accused them of working for the government as mercenaries.

Most of the Libyans have gone back home or have found new places to stay, and most of the foreigners have been sent home to their countries of origin.

But around 4,000 of the foreigners, like Mohammed, cannot go home because of war or danger in their own countries, and have remained for months in this camp near the border, stateless and unsure of their future.

In March, Mohammed made his way to Ras Jidr, the main gateway between Libya and Tunisia. He has been staying in a tent city just behind the border post.

“I came with my family to Libya because life in Darfur was bad. It’s still bad there. There is no stability,” he said, sitting on a mat with fellow Sudanese refugees.

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