Confusion Over Reports of Secret Negotiations

There are unconfirmed, yet widely quoted reports, that representatives of both Col. Muammar Qaddafi and the rebel Transitional National Council (TNC) have met in Tunisia for confidential talks.

The agenda of the talks is not known although it could potentially involve discussions around the future role of Qaddafi in Libya and an end to the on-going and incessant conflict.

With fears of a military stalemate and no clear alternative strategy for NATO, talks may just be the best way out. Moreover, efforts to find a deal to end the civil war in Libya have intensified in the recent past with Western powers signalling that Muammar Qaddafi could stay in the country if he gave up power, unlike their previous demands that he leave Libya.

While the Libyan foreign and health minister are reportedly part of the Qaddafi delegation, there has been no official confirmation of the meeting from either side. The United Nations (UN) special envoy to Libya, Abdul Ilah al-Khatib is reportedly leading the ‘secret negotiations’.

Further confusion has been sown with reports of increased activity along the Libyan-Tunisian border and the reported presence of South African and Qatari planes at Tripoli airport.

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