Scots Tory grandee leaves Prime Minister embarrassed after criticism of the attack on Libya

He returned from talks with top regime officials to proclaim that NATO’s bombing campaign was a mistake and the country’s rebels would never succeed.

And he slammed Cameron for handing the Libyan Embassy in London to the opposition.

The 76-year-old chief of Clan Corrie said: “We have totally overestimated the rebels’ strength. We have totally underestimated Gaddafi’s strength and the number of people supporting him.

“I can’t see him moving and I can’t see the rebels having the strength.”

“My argument was, ‘This is an African country so the Africans should sort it out. We are going to have to negotiate out of this situation – there’s no other way forward.”

Corrie added that it was a “big mistake” for Cameron to hand the Embassy to the rebels.

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