Kucinich: NATO Commanders Should Be Prosecuted By International Criminal Court

Kucinich questioned the U.S.’ role in the intervention altogether, asking if the CIA had a hand in “fomenting a civil war. He also argued that the Obama administration and NATO had violated the March U.N. Security Council resolution that called for a no-fly zone over Libya, and reiterated his claim that Obama had violated the U.S. constitution by bypassing Congress before authorizing the use of American military force.

Back in March, Kucinich suggested that Obama should be impeached for sending U.S. troops to help enforce the no-fly zone.

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2 Responses to Kucinich: NATO Commanders Should Be Prosecuted By International Criminal Court

  1. ruby22shoes says:

    Maybe the US has been a rogue, serial aggressor since the beginning, but for most of my life the gov. has been ‘on the down low’ with plausible deny-ability and discrete coups.

    The media, msm, has no credibility left.

    Then I learned about the Bank of Libya and the tons of gold it is sitting on. This is blatant armed robbery. Europe, US & all participants used the Arab Spring to try to heist the wealth of Libya.

    They had the nerve to rationalise NaTO’s crimes on the fact that Khaddafi didn’t spread the wealth around enough. The fact that he took Libya from abject poverty to the African country with the most wealth is Khaddafi’s major crime.

    USA is astounded that Khaddafi has friends. My gov. is not familiar with leaders that have qualities such as integrity and honor, we think every one has a price, whether $$$ or threats.

    The killing of a leader’s family is an abomination of Obamanation and its’ predessessors.
    America has become so dark and in conjunction with ‘israell’ is now the most fearful abyss, bringing to the ppl of the world hell on earth.

  2. SR says:

    Kucinich did not get the memo. ‘The American Service Members Protection Act bars any US citizen from being brought before the ICC, even though Washington is at the forefront of having people of other nationalities prosecuted there. ‘

    ICC is not a court. It is a tool to distract people from crimes committed by Western governments. In the last 10 years alone, ICC has helped distract the world from:
    – Illegal wars to steal oil: Iraq, Libya
    – Illegal wars to meet out collective punishment: Afghanistan, Lebanon
    – Illegal bombings of civilians and ‘terrorists’ with no judicial process or democratic approval: Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen

    The ICC is a joke.

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