Lizzie Phelan Latest

In the last few hours Lizzie Phelan has contacted Global Civilians for Peace to announce she is now safely back in the UK but is heartbroken to have left Libya under the circumstances.  She said a Western-backed genocide is taking place in Libya and there are now no longer any independent journalists in Libya covering the story. It is therefore vital that the people who support the campaign, increase their efforts in spreading the truth of the Libyan conflict as far and wide as possible. She expressed thanks to all those who were concerned for her safety but said it is of most importance to fight for truth and justice on behalf of the Libyan people.

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8 Responses to Lizzie Phelan Latest

  1. MoMo Sam says:

    We will never surrender, we will fight till the end. despite all the fake media reports our courage will stand against this conspiracy. SIRTE WILL RIGHT THE LIBYAN HISTORY AGAIN.

  2. Serena Harte says:

    Please email your MP -or in your own country your ministers – and : the Prime Minister to show your outrage
    Also Sandra Barr’s campaign on Facebook to have Cameron charged with war crimes

    email the International Criminal Court


    PLEASE circulate these contact details so we can flood them with emails

  3. truthseeker says:

    Is Rajab Zatout a leader in the New Libya Party on the front cover of, the same Rajab Zatout that was wanted in the Yvonne Fletcher murder in the televised program “Murder in St. James’s”?

  4. veritas6464 says:

    Ms. Lizzie Phelan is a Godsend, her work is essential to the cause. I have nothing but respect for her work and admiration for her person. And I check my facts and resources!!!


  5. Balance says:

    In a world of seemingly growing unbalance we must seek to find our own balance. No reporter independant or not can ever give a clear balanced report. Any given reporter is always belied by their circumstance, background, upbringing, personal persuasions and feelings.

    Humans are human, all are capable of the inhumane.

  6. I’m glad to hear that she returned safely.

  7. Dave says:

    Jewish zionists have aimed to take over Lybia for decades. People were actually very well off under Gadaffi. What comes next will be misery by comparison.

    I’m glad to see that someone above has mentioned that Rajab Zatout, and some of his murderous comrades, are back in the picture for Lybia, It shows that the rebel government are actually stooges for the zionist controlled CIA.

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