George Galloway challenges pro-rebel ‘Libyan’

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9 Responses to George Galloway challenges pro-rebel ‘Libyan’

  1. SC says:

    See the following video /programme on Galloway’s view of Libya including his admitted desire to see Gadaffi hung and his tailending, and acceptance of the fascist Goebbels “human rights” big lies about alleged “dictator” and “atrocities” used to provoke and instigate the vicious NATO aggression against Libya

    • waterput3 says:

      Thanks SC for letting us show how George Galloway expressed his ideas about Gaddafi and how poor the Libyan people were – where does all the oil go he wanders in february 2011. This sure is odd.

      Let’s just hope that George Galloway was speaking – based on the anti-Gaddafi propaganda that is prominent in the west – and that he has discovered how we were lied to about this, and that Libya is far from poor and even highly litterate with free-health-care and social security.

      I used to think Gaddafi was a freak as well, until I – driven by strong anti-imperialistic tendencies – started to learn more about Gaddafi and Libya, which changed my view on matters.

  2. sekou atiba says:

    Dr.Hussein where did you graduate to become a doctor you are a disgrace to yourself and to your country you are practically begging for imperialist domination of your country and you are jeopardising the sovereignty of the African Continent.If it’s people like you that make up the opposition in libya may god have mercy on the souls of the libyan people.

  3. rayemond says:

    So now these ‘rebels’ are phoning Galloway’s show thanking him for Nato’s support. – They can’t tell the difference between you and Nato George. Now you can see what and who you have been supporting. You supported this rabble.

  4. rayemond says:

    Rebel supporters thank Galloway. Most ‘left’ UK partys support the ‘rebels’.
    Only party, to my knowlwdge who do not –

  5. SC says:

    This interchange completely exposes the reactionary nature of Galloway and other so called British lefts position on Libya. The callers confusion at being attacked over his recognition of the decisive role played by NATO / Western Imperialism in smashing up Libya in support of the ‘rebels’ is perfectly understandable. What is less understandable is Galloway’s refusal to recognise the planned and decisive role played by NATO in organising to overthrow a system that in his words is ‘the most developed country in Africa and has a literacy rate of 88% the highest in Africa’ plus more of course.
    At the beginning of the programme the caller referred to the fact that Galloway stated earlier in the programme that the ‘revolutionaries are not with the West’ – this is nothing more than just wishful thinking on the part of Galloway and Co and a disguise for the lefts shameful role in going along with the Goebbels like propaganda against Libya and subsequently easing the way for NATO intervention and the bombing of thousands of Libyan citizens.
    Galloway mockingly says to the caller ‘Why not bring back the King – be a colony again’ He should look more carefully at the makeup of this so called revolutionary rebel movement – see earlier piece in this blog

  6. Dan. says:

    I see Galloway’s changed his tune! Earlier this year he was going along with all the anti-Gaddafi sentiment as espoused by the mainstream media in Britain.
    He is a Judas, a turncoat, and someone who should never be trusted. He isn’t fit to shine Gaddafi’s shoes!

  7. Mo says:

    To all those who label Galloway as a ‘Judas’: when the turmoil began it seemed to everyone that it was a populist, relatively spontaneous revolution, but as events progressed it became clearer that this wasn’t the case, and that this so-called revolution is only a product of many outside forces; hence the change of perspective.

  8. Tim Mcneive says:

    Does anybody think that the western oil companies could peacefully take all the oil from Libya without massive western military help?They were already occupied before the 1st NATO bomb fell.

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