Bloody Arab Spring–Fulvio Grimaldi

           UK Bristol Premier for Fulvio Grimaldi’s film

            "Boody Arab Spring"

            Sunday 25th September 2011 2pm


1 Canon’s Road,


Bristol BS1 5TX

Internationally renowned Italian correspondent and documentary film maker Fulvio Grimaldi joined two Global Civilians for Peace in Libya fact-finding missions to Libya earlier this year. Come and see this powerful film , and engage in a post film question and answer session with Fulvio.

For further details see here

bloody spring

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2 Responses to Bloody Arab Spring–Fulvio Grimaldi

  1. Veronica Harris says:

    Saw the film on Sunday and would be interested to know if were any other film crews/journalists/agencies etc. able to confirm what Flavio has shown – was a brave film which must have meant dangerous situations for film-maker as well as a great deal of trust from both Flavio team and interviewees. If tens of thousands of civilians have been killed in Libya by Nato bombs then the world needs to know about if from as many sources as possible.I hope
    the film can be screened in other cinemas in Bristol eg the Cube, university etc.

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