The people of Bani Walid defiant after successfully repelling NATO/’rebel’ attacks – 24/09/2011



by Tony Cartalucci

The Associated Press reluctantly reported that Libya’s rebels began withdrawing from their front at Bani Walid, approximately 85 miles southeast of Tripoli. After weeks of humiliating defeat at the hands of the city’s residents and despite merciless terror bombing from NATO, the city’s residents have prevailed in collapsing the offensive, after numerous, and verifiably ridiculous claims by the rebel forces that the town had “surrendered” to them already.

The AP article titled, “Libyans with no leadership quit Bani Walid front,” has been quietly buried in the news, along with all other reports regarding Bani Walid, with NATO and the rebels instead focusing unmitigated atrocities against the more accessible coastal city of Sirte. The Oman Tribune reported that Libyan rebel commanders conceded much of the resistance they have been meeting in Sirte and Bani Walid is coming not from the Libyan army, but from city residents themselves. This seriously undermines NATO, UN, US, UK, British, French and Qatari claims that the so-called “National Transitional Council (NTC)” actually represents the Libyan people or that their mission is aimed at protecting “civilians” who are quite clearly disinterested in joining the “revolution,” and instead have found it necessary to protect themselves from both it, and NATO.

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