Libya and Colombia, media hoaxes

  On the same Sunday, September 25, in which the planes of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) were approaching the 24,000 “air sortie operations” against Libya, including 8,941 strike missions to “protect civilians”, the international media agencies reinforced the bombardment.


Leonardo Severo is a reporter for the newspaper Hora do Povo, Brazil Fact developer and member of the Center for Media Studies Itararé Baron

Pouring out nothing but misinformation, the controlled journalism sought to guide and inoculate the virus of apathy and alienation in mass while turning the victim into the culprit, the genocidal action as a charity, the invader pretending to be a liberator.

In order to serve the monopolies of money, word weapons were put to use for the piece of “news” that had to be bombastic and shocking to impose on everyone: “Bodies of 1,270 found in a mass grave in Libya.”

“The discovery was only possible because an mystical supporter of the Muammar Gaddafi government was detained hours before he pointed out the exact location. The “mass grave” is near the Abu Saleen prison. The bodies found in the pit could belong to the prisoners alleged to have been massacred by the Gaddafi government in 1996,” the Spanish agency EFE said in a statement, quickly mimicked without the minimum criteria and with the maximum fuss.

The same press that sees, hears or speaks nothing about the bombing of hospitals and the mass murder of women and children by the U.S. / NATO tries to hide the agreement of blood for oil, through which the puppets have pledged to provide 35% of Libya’s black gold to the French in exchange for recognition of the “government” of the self-styled National Transitional Council (NTC).

The same media extends a blanket of silence over the criminal siege of Sirte and the humanitarian crisis caused by the “surgical” bombardments that are devastating the infrastructure of the hometown of the Libyan leader, that continues to do without drinking water, electricity, food or medicines.

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