Libyan hospitals in crisis

Hospital destroyed by NATO in Zlitan

Civilians are dying in Libyan hospitals due to a lack of basic medical supplies. Civilians in Sirte are dying because they cannot reach the hospital to receive medical attention due to NATO bombs.
Sirte is a city under siege. In Gaddafi’s hometown the infrastructure has been destroyed, resulting in a lack of clean drinking water. Sewage runs through the streets. Amidst the chaos civilians are trapped whilst the sick and wounded are dying in the hospitals.

“There is no food, there is no medicine, and every night, for five or six hours, NATO bombs all sorts of buildings” Sami Abderraman told El Pais. (Empire Strikes Black) “Hundreds of women and children have died like animals.”

Reports from many sources confirm the humanitarian crisis that is engulfing Sirte. The Telegraphreported

“many families in the area said Nato bombing and more recently, the attacks by interim government forces had turned Sirte into a ‘living hell’.”

A hospital worker at Iba Sina Hospital in Sirte told Reuters

“Doctors start operating, then the power goes. They have a few liters of fuel for the generators, then the lights go out when they operate. I saw a child of 14 die on the operating table because the power went out during an operation.”

The International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) had medical supplies for the hospital but encountered difficulties reaching it due to shooting. People Daily reported that ICRC representative Hichem Khadhraoui confirmed

“Civilians are dying because they lack basic medical care” adding “injured people cannot reach the hospital because of NATO bombings.”

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