The people of Sirte oppose NATO’s ambitions for Libya

The rebels are worse than rats. NATO is the same as Osama bin Laden,” said a father, his seven children crowding around him.

Surt has been a primary target in the seven-month NATO bombing campaign that helped rebel forces gain control of most of Libya. The intensity of the bombing, coupled with recent rocket attacks by the opposition forces, has turned Surt into a “living hell,” several families said.

Hundreds of families fled the city Sunday, anticipating a new assault. But too frightened, angry or mistrustful to flee to opposition-controlled territory, many sought refuge in nearby loyalist homes.

“We have 10 families staying with us now,” said the angry father, who, like many others, declined to be identified for fear of recrimination. “There is little food, not enough clean water and no gas. Before, we lived wealthy lives. I had two homes. Now we live worse than animals.”

Fleeing families also set up home in an abandoned school, crammed 30 people to a room, sleeping on the tile floor.

Revolutionary leaders say they are supported by a mandate to oust a brutal dictator. But many residents from Surt said they longed for Libya to be “just as it was” before the uprising began in February.

“We lived in democracy under Moammar Kadafi; he was not a dictator,” said another Surt resident, Susan Farjan, who said she had been an on-screen journalist for Libyan state television. “I lived in freedom; Libyan women had full human rights. It isn’t that we need Moammar Kadafi again, but we want to live just as we did before.”

Despite the living conditions and her dust-ridden clothes, Farjan’s makeup, Chanel perfume, diamante earrings and gold necklace told of a better life in times past.

“Everyone loves Kadafi. My father loves him so much, the blood is green in his veins,” Farjan said as tears welled in her eyes, alluding to Kadafi’s use of green as the national color.

Women and children gathered around Farjan suddenly burst into a raucous, tearful chorus: “God, Moammar, Libya. This is all we need!”

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Sirte 21/07/2011

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1 Response to The people of Sirte oppose NATO’s ambitions for Libya


    “Many believed that the city of Misurata, an anti-Kadafi stronghold to the west, where local fighters pushed out loyalist forces, had been overrun by an odd mix of North Atlantic Treaty Organization ground forces and Islamic extremists.”

    Of course, do you still doubt it?!? I wasn’t cut off from the world, and although I followed all the lies and fabrications spread by a global MSM campaign to promote a sheer war of conquest and plunder, I also followed real news on real time from Libya and independent journalists and witnesses, and I’m aware that the Western public have been cheated and most of them don’t know at all what happened in that beautiful country, because the truth was blocked and spun all the time. The corporate media have been more relevant to this war than the bombers and missiles and drones, along with the al Qaeda rebels armed to the teeth by NATO.

    When these rebels will attack our cities with weapons we have provided them, ambitious but vain politicians such as Sarkozy and Cameron and Obama for that matter, will have to be held accountable for their foolishness.

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