NATO/Rebel attack on the people of Sirte once again repelled

Snipers loyal to Muammar Gaddafi held back government forces trying to capture his hometown on Thursday and the deposed leader warned the heads of the developing world who have recognised Libya’s new rulers that they would face a similar fate to his own.

Hiding in a mosque and a building that was once Gaddafi’s favourite venue for international summits, loyalists blocked the advance of government forces, making forecasts of a quick end to the battle for Sirte look premature.

Thousands of civilians in the town of Sirte are caught up in the fighting. Red Cross workers who were able to reach the town’s hospital described patients sheltering from the gunfire in the corridors and a lack of staff to treat them.

Taking Sirte is of huge symbolic importance to Libya’s new rulers, and until it is captured they are putting on hold plans to start rebuilding the oil-producing North African state.

Once a sleepy fishing town and Gaddafi’s birthplace, Sirte was transformed by the former Libyan leader into the country’s second capital.

Parliament often sat in Sirte and summit meetings were staged in a marble-clad conference centre in the south of the Mediterranean coastal city, from where fighters loyal to him fired on the attacking forces on Thursday.

Commanders with the National Transitional Council (NTC) have predicted they will have Sirte, which has a population of 75,000, under their full control by the weekend.

They pledged that units on Sirte’s outskirts would be brought into the fight on Friday in a coordinated offensive.

An audio recording of Gaddafi obtained by Reuters on Thursday from Syria-based Arrai television was the first sign of life from him since Sept. 20, when the same station last aired a speech by him.

“If the power of (international) fleets give legitimacy, then let the rulers in the Third World be ready,” Gaddafi said in an apparent reference to NATO’s support for NTC forces.

“To those who recognize this council, be ready for the creation of transitional councils imposed by the power of fleets to replace you one by one from now on,” said Gaddafi, who was in power for 41 years.

Gaddafi loyalists who pulled back to Sirte when they lost control of other cities are putting up fierce resistance. They have nowhere else to go.

“A lot of them are veterans, the hard-core fanatics. There’s also mercenaries (and) people fiercely loyal to Gaddafi,” said Matthew Van Dyke, an American who is fighting with the anti-Gaddafi forces.

“They are not going to give up,” said Van Dyke, who said he came to Libya seven months ago to visit friends, was arrested by Gaddafi forces, and joined the fighting on his release.

“It’s going to take a while. (Because of) the snipers, we are going to take a lot of casualties.”

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said its team evacuated three wounded from Sirte’s Ibn Sina hospital, including a seriously injured nine-year-old girl.

“Today there were only a few doctors left to treat war-wounded people in the Sirte hospital,” Cordula Wolfisberg, an ICRC doctor who visited the hospital, said in a statement.

“The hospital is packed with civilians from the neighbourhood, including many women and small children.”

Hajj Abdullah, in his late 50s, was at a Red Cross post on the edge of Sirte where food was being handed out.

“My 11-year-old died from the NATO rockets … I buried him where he died” because it was too dangerous to go to the cemetery, he said. “There are random strikes in the city. People are dying in their houses.”

He said many civilians were unable to leave. “The ones who stayed behind are the poor and the weak.”

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One Response to NATO/Rebel attack on the people of Sirte once again repelled

  1. Matthew Van Dyke, an American who is fighting with the anti-Gaddafi forces:
    look who speaks of mercenaries! It sounds rather that NATO’s disparate ragtag infantry, made up of nationals from an array of countries, either poor enough to be lured into this fight, or Western professional special services, have been promised a special bonus for capturing Sirte!
    Yes, Sirte was promoted to a beautiful Mediterranean city, like many other cities on the Libyan coast-line. Now courtesy of NATO barbarians, it is a pile of ruins!
    This is the kind of democracy NATO is bringing to Libya, a huge graveyard under the rubble of the schools and hospitals which used to make the Libyans happy and confident with their future. All that for a fist of dollars looted in European and US, Gulf banks, and the plunder of oil and gas, water.
    Let our venal leaders be damned, for they have perpetrated the worst of crimes, the crime against peace.

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