Libya: Human rights imposters used to spawn NATO’s fraudulent war

Voltaire Network | 17 October 2011

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

The names change but the methods remain the same. In Iraq the imperial war facilitator was Ahmed Chalabi. In Libya he goes by the name of Soliman Bouchuiguir, a shadowy human rights figure whose baseless allegations against Gaddafi were endorsed by the UN system and its affiliated human rights agencies without the slightest verification. Each one in his own way, Nazemroaya and Teil shed light on a failed system of international law and justice, which has made itself complicit in NATO’s war crimes in Libya.
Soliman Bouchuiguir, former president of the Libyan League for Human Rights with symbiotic ties to the National Transitional Council, generated the pack of lies that justified NATO’s war allegedly to protect the Libyan population. He is currently the new Libyan ambassador to Switzerland.

The war against Libya is built on fraud. The United Nations Security Council passed two resolutions against Libya on the basis of unproven claims, specifically that Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was killing his own people in Benghazi. The claim in its exact form was that Qaddafi had ordered Libyan forces to kill 6,000 people in Benghazi. These claims were widely disseminated, but always vaguely explained. It was on the basis of this claim that Libya was referred to the U.N. Security Council at U.N Headquarters in New York City and kicked out of the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva.

False claims about African mercenary armies in Libya and about jet attacks on civilians were also used in a broad media campaign against Libya. These two claims have been sidelined and have become more and more murky. The massacre claims, however, were used in a legal, diplomatic, and military framework to justify NATO’s war on the Libyans.

Using Human Rights as a Pretext for War: The LLHR and its Unproven Claims

One of the main sources for the claim that Qaddafi was killing his own people is the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR). The LLHR was actually pivotal to getting the U.N. involved through its specific claims in Geneva. On February 21, 2011 the LLHR got the 70 other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to send letters to President Obama, E.U. High Representative Catherine Ashton, and the U.N. Secretary-General Ban-ki Moon demanding international action against Libya invoking the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. Only 25 members of this coalition actually assert that they are human rights groups.

The letter is as follows:

We, the undersigned non-governmental, human rights, and humanitarian organizations, urge you to mobilize the United Nations and the international community and take immediate action to halt the mass atrocities now being perpetrated by the Libyan government against its own people. The inexcusable silence cannot continue.

As you know, in the past several days, Colonel Moammar Gadhafi’s forces are estimated to have deliberately killed hundreds of peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders across the country. In the city of Benghazi alone, one doctor reported seeing at least 200 dead bodies. Witnesses report that a mixture of special commandos, foreign mercenaries and regime loyalists have attacked demonstrators with knives, assault rifles and heavy-caliber weapons.

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2 Responses to Libya: Human rights imposters used to spawn NATO’s fraudulent war

  1. It makes me sad that these reptillian monsters (so called Humanitarian) say such lies about Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Government.
    I pray that Almighty God will smite these liers and destroyers of the righteous ones.
    How long will my western brothers and sisters stay in this sleep while the UN, including USA and some of Europe keep committing these diabolical attrocities against Libya with the help of alQaeda.
    Where are the arabs of some countries, why do you stand back and let this happen to your brothers and sisters in Libya.
    Are you so tethered to the reptillian West with its USURY and media, that you will not rise against your puppet masters who take orders from Europe and USA.
    Shame is be brought against you by your lack of action in Libyas time of need.
    History may one day record your evil and God may give just reward by delivering such persons to the depths of hell to join their Father who is Satan.

    Stephen Olof Wikblom…Sheep Shearer…Australia

  2. ruby22shoes says:

    There is so much contempt for the peoples of the world that the elites do not even bother to make believable lies…It is with great sadness that I have just heard that Moamar Gadaffi has been killed by the illegitimate rulers of Libya.

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