Many in Sub-Saharan Africa Mourn Qaddafi’s Death

By JOSH KRON     Published: October 22, 2011    


NAIROBI, Kenya —, Many sub-Saharan Africans are mourning the death of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, celebrated as much for his largesse as for his willingness to stand up to the West

To them, his violent death was another sad chapter in a long-running narrative of Western powers meddling in Africa’s affairs.

“He loved Uganda,” said Mr. Abdul in an interview at the mosque, in Kampala. He noted that Colonel Qaddafi had committed to paying the salaries for the staff of 20 for the next 20 years. “His death means everything comes to an end,” Mr. Abdul said.

On Friday, approximately 30,000 people packed the mosque to pay tribute to the slain leader, according to local news media in Uganda.

The Daily Monitor, a prominent independent Ugandan newspaper, reported that Sheikh Amir Mutyaba, a former ambassador to Libya, wept as he told followers that Colonel Qaddafi had “died as a hero.” He added that while “Allah will bless him,” foreign “oil diggers will be punished,” likely alluding to a perception among some that the West intervened in Libya mainly because of its oil riches.

In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and about half Muslim, a senator told local news media that Colonel Qaddafi “was one of the finest African leaders we have.” And a former Nigerian militia leader, who said he was once financed by Colonel Qaddafi, told Agence France-Presse that the former Libyan leader’s death would be “avenged.”

The colonel “spilled his blood as a martyr to rekindle the fire of revolution all over the world,” said Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, the militia leader. “The people of the world will rise up against this.”

Colonel Qaddafi came to power in 1969 as a 27-year old ideologue, who modeled himself on President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, and focused his energy on leading a pan-Arab renaissance. But by the turn of the century, feeling spurned by his fellow Arabs, he turned his focus south toward sub-Saharan Africa. He used his own money, as well as state-owned investment firms, to build mosques, hotels and telecommunications companies.

He also meddled in the politics of other African countries — at least a dozen coups or attempted coups on the continent were traced to his support.

One of the many grandiose titles he embraced for himself was “the king of kings of Africa.”

Over time, his efforts won him many African allies, and when the uprising against him began this year, the African Union took months to recognize a rebel council as the country’s governing authority.

There were many reports early in the revolution that Colonel Qaddafi had reached out to fighters in African states and had used them as mercenaries, but journalists saw little evidence of mercenaries during the revolt.

As Colonel Qaddafi’s enemies begin their efforts to rebuild their country, many on the continent remain angry that the transfer of power happened, in large part, because of the military support NATO provided to the former rebels.

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5 Responses to Many in Sub-Saharan Africa Mourn Qaddafi’s Death

  1. guest says:

    I am saddend that international law is dead. I am saddened that government of my country was involved in this increadible injustice. I am saddened for Libya.

  2. As long as I am alive, I will never forget this Great man. He had done much for the world and in particular for Libya and Africa.

    I will miss his outspoken views on everything.

    Who in the world today can match Muammar Gaddafi for his courage, wit, scholarly works,
    his coolness,
    his heart,
    his ambition to unite peoples and his dedication to the evolvement of rights and freedoms of Libyans.

    Now the NATO/USA has sought to destroy the best democratic system of Government known to us in the west as Jamahiriya (direct democracy).

    I am still tearful over Muammar Gaddafis’ death and I am exceedingly angry over the manner of his death.

    May the serpents responsible for his death be forever cursed.

    I will never forget also the dispicable manner in which Muammar Gaddafi was murdered and I will never forget the dispicable language of our leaders in the West regarding such murder.

    I will keep praying for justice and peace for Libyans.

    May this New World Order and its Architects be forever cursed.

    Stephen Olof Wikblom…Sheep Shearer…Australia

  3. L'Afrique says:

    Only recruits of NATO, the brain-dead and lowlifes in Libya and Africa would rejoice at the demise and humiliation of Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi by NATO and its allies. Like other unsung African champions, the Colonel was assassinated on directives of NATO for daring to portray Africa as independent, prosperous and progressive.

    While the life of Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was full of puzzlement, the Colonel was nonetheless a perceptive African leader and a champion in the fight for the freedom of nations to be. For years, Colonel Gaddafi managed the affairs of his Libya, kept the Central Bank of Libya independent of world financial institutions, and all while keeping noted imperialists at bay.

    Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was not assaulted and assassinated by NATO because of his governing style or because NATO members cared for the civil rights of Libyans, but because the Colonel would not kiss behinds, the Colonel managed to keep his Libya independent and the Colonel sought the well-being of Africa by informing Western imperialists, months before 2011 absurd assault by NATO, that he would campaign in Africa to repudiate both the dollar and the euro as trading currencies in Africa.

    Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was a thousand times human than the UN, NATO and all members of the AU who signed his death warrant combined. Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, was a Great and Perceptive African Leader, and an International Freedom Fighter!

    Any leader, and more so an African leader, who could put a leash, for years, on our noted imperialists with a history of plundering from developing nations is a Superb leader and forever a friend of L’Afrique!

    The Colonel fought a heroic fight and finished his course. The Colonel sleeps.

    Full text of L’Afrique’s Tribute to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi can be found at

    See fashion Colonel Gaddafi with his Judases –

  4. ruby22shoes says:

    Words are insufficient to convey my sadness at the brutal murder of of Colonel Khadaffi. As a USAn, it is disgusting to see the hysterical pleasure at the persecution & execution of a giant in this world of pygmies(no offence intended – just a metaphor).

    His people in Libya will surely miss him and his efforts to share the Libyan wealth among not just the people of Libya but many of the African nations.

    The Libyan people and the people of the world will ultimately come to understand the greatness of this man, who said he would stay in his homeland and he did.

    Colonel Khadaffi is a martyr and one of the first heroes of the 21st century.

    May God have mercy on his soul and may God grant everlasting peace to Libya & MENA (middle east & north africa).

    I am also reminded of Saddam Hussein’s last words, “Palestine is Arab.”

  5. Lunga says:

    Gaddafi is a great Matyer and a great rejecter of imperialism, capitalism, imperialism ans neo-colonialism. He remains one of the most feared man by the oppressor, Europe. He has his faults as a man, but his wrongs do not outweigh the rights. To want westernly defined democracy of parliamentary government through suspicious elections is to assume that the people have installed a government; when in fact the latter is not nearly interested to the true concept of democracy! Gaddafi rejected completely the concept democracy as in the way the west wants us to believe! Whenever riches of afrika are kept for africans, the west makes an excuse of using lobbying neo-colonial rebels, arms them, fights with them and ultimately declares victory with – a demise of independence! Gaddafi remains a revolutionery and no amount of media propaganda will erase, period!

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