Russia would oppose a Libya-style military intervention against Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday his country would oppose a Libya-style military intervention against the Syrian regime which is battling months-long democracy protests.

“We have many questions… after the UN Security Council adopted the Libyan resolution,” allowing military intervention to protect civilian lives, and “after the Libyan drama,” he said in Abu Dhabi, speaking in English.

A month after the launch of an uprising against Moamer Kadhafi’s regime, the UN Security Council passed a resolution approving “all necessary measures” to impose a no-fly zone and protect civilians in Libya.

“If it depends on us, I don’t think we will allow anything of that sort to be repeated” in Syria, Lavrov said after a Gulf-Russian ministerial meeting, when asked if such measures could be taken against Syria.

Asked if Moscow will maintain its support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Russian foreign minister said: “We are not protecting any regime.”

Assad, who is under mounting Arab and international pressure a bloody crackdown against pro-democracy protesters, told Russian television on Sunday he expected continued support from Moscow.

Assad’s appeal came less than a month after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told the Syrian leader for the first time to either accept political reform or bow to calls for his resignation.

Lavrov on Friday accused NATO of exceeding UN mandates that permitted its forces to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya and protect civilians.

Russia believes the no-fly zone and accompanying mandate to protect civilians were used by NATO to support one side in a civil war — action that the United Nations never authorised.

China, along with Russia, vetoed a Western-drafted resolution at the UN Security Council on October 4 that would have threatened Assad’s regime with targeted sanctions if it continued its campaign against protesters.

Last week activists urged the international community to impose a Libya-style no-fly zone on Syria

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One Response to Russia would oppose a Libya-style military intervention against Syria

  1. redracam says:

    The spin of the report is absolutely clear and unashamed.
    The murder of 60 000 Libyans was legitimate and Russia are unreasonable to oppose similar measures – aiding the insurgents armed by Turkey, Jordan and Saudi-Arabia – in to overthrow the government and bring the Syrian NTC to power.
    The difference is in the facts that are omitted from the above report, the context and the full comments of S. Lavrov. He has stated that greater efforts should be made by the Assad regime while criticizing opposition groups for boycotting talks as no solution could be reached without both sides coming to the table (exactly what the NTC rebel rabble refused to do in Libya even after calls from many organisations and heads of state). He also voiced great concerns about the armed groups active in the country.
    Further, the Russians definitely would not want a NATO puppet government, as in Libya, snooping around its naval base in Tartus for which it has made and plans more investments for modernization in the port and of its Medi fleet. So the Russians will probably keep opposing NATO’s next neo-colonialist invasion.
    The Chinese already feel threatened that the route through Pakistan for a future oil pipeline directly to China be compromised by any direct attack on Pakistan. (They warned the US recently, in no uncertain terms, to stay out of Pakistan or they would consider it an act of war.) They would also be wary of any upheaval having even an indirect effect on Iran or Iraq especially given the large concessions they now exploit in the latter and possible future barter-system collaboration they are planning with the former. So they too will want to keep the status quo or at least no radical change of wind in the region.
    Israel on the other hand …

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