Universal Periodic Review of Libya: Was the case for R2P based on fraud?

Centre for the Study of Interventionism

This document was written in March 2012 by Julien Teil, Senior Associate at the Centre for the Study of Interventionism. 

The Libyan case is a very good example of interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. An armed opposition movement was supported from abroad and quickly recognised as the legitimate government without reference to the sovereign process inside Libya. Claims made before the Human Rights Council about massacres of civilians, later shown to be based on no evidence, were used to justify the Security Council and General Assembly resolutions.

NGOs and others invoke the responsibility to protect. But what responsibility do these bodies, and the states which use military force, have for the consequences of their acts?

Article Index

1. UPR History & Human Rights Commission Reform Page 3
2. Responsibility to Protect or Right to Interfere? Page 4
3. Facts Inside the Council Pages 5-6
4. Libya’s UPR: UN Watch’s Fight Pages 7-8
5. Media Interference and NGO communication Page 9
6. Geopolitical Keys Page 10
7. Position Paper of the Centre for the Study of Interventionism: International Peace and Sovereign Processes. Pages 11-12
8. Sources and appendices. Pages 13-15

See full article at  http://interventionism.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/libyauprfinal.pdf

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