Unreported World – Libya: My Week With Gunmen


Unreported World’s short film provides an insight into the extensive chaos and lawlessness that now reigns in Libya.  The documentary covers widespread human rights abuses, militia infighting, the complete collapse of governance and the racist persecution of Black Libyans and migrant workers. The pictures convey scenes of complete and utter devastation and a country in ruin after a year of war and 8 months of continuous NATO bombing.

Although we feel this documentary provides a good insight into the reality of the current situation on the ground in Libya the reporter, in an attempt to contextualise the brutality and racist nature of the ‘rebels’,  reverts to the unsubstantiated propaganda that was disseminated throughout the war. Peter Obourne states that the British government blitzed Libya and supported the most reactionary elements of Libyan society with the intention of bringing ‘democracy’ to Libya. He fails to inform the viewers of the imperialist motivations behind this war and the widespread opposition within Libya to NATO and the ‘rebels’.  Peter Obourne tries to justify the racist incarceration and torture of black migrant workers by perpetuating the vicious myth that Gaddafi hired ‘African mercenaries’.  In defence of the widespread human rights abuses committed by the ‘rebels’ unsubstantiated comparisons are made between the militias that currently roam Libya and the previous government of Libya. Before the war Libya had achieved the highest standard of living in Africa and was praised in January 2011 by members of the UN Human Rights Council. Watch with care.

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One Response to Unreported World – Libya: My Week With Gunmen

  1. Kerstin says:

    For your information, this video has been closed down on YouTube but it is possible to see it here:
    It is worth seeing.

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