Moussa Ibrahim has not been captured – Lizzie Phelan

Lizzie Phelan: ‘The news that Dr Moussa Ibrahim has been arrested in Tarhouna, Libya is 100% false, and it will be proven so. It is not surprising that it comes on the one year anniversary since Muammar Qaddafi was murdered and other war crimes were committed against him, along with scores of others in his convoy to 1) distract from the fact that today we can see that the claims on that day that the country’s liberation was complete with this crime was the opposite of the truth 2) to boost the morale of the extreme sections of the anti Gaddafi opposition, particularly militias from Misrata who have been facing increasing resistance since their shelling and siege of Bani Walid from the Werfalla and allies.’

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1 Response to Moussa Ibrahim has not been captured – Lizzie Phelan

  1. Ronald says:

    I really do not like such comenmts that can lead to Westerners being stereotyped as whiny, callous and short-sighted scrooges. I do not care whether EU tax money and NATO money that is being spent to help Libya will be directly returned in any way. It is far more important, in the long run, to have Europe surrounded by decent democratic countries. Even if we consider the financial aspect alone, it is more expensive to have next door a crazy dictator who sponsors terrorism and takes foreigners hostage to extort money from their governments.The current financial/economic crisis of the West is pure prosperity by the standards of most countries of the world. As for whether the British government is democratic if the British don’t want it, they are free next time to vote for some dictator lover.

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