Bani Walid in Ruins

Homes, businesses, and public buildings including Bani Walid’s hospital looted, burnt and destroyed by militias

Bani Walid’s hospital destroyed by government militia

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4 Responses to Bani Walid in Ruins

  1. Peter F Bulmer says:

    What a disaster !

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  3. These people have suffered so much from the USA and European backed Terrorism.
    May the people responsible be cursed until they desist from their wickedness and, and may the evil ones continue to be cursed until restitution is made to these people and their suffering is no more.

    So much suffering in these end times.

  4. Difa says:

    The supreme poitison of US Dollar being the pivot currency in international trade has allowed the US governement to be the only government in the world to print money in order to finance its own deficit. This situation may not last forever as UN has started to advocate international currency and supported by China, Germany and many other countries. Why I have never heard any open debate on this topic from politicians?

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