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  1. Régis says:

    I am French and I am ashamed
    I am French and I am ashamed of the acts perpetrated by the French government. What hypocrisy! AND ALL THE FRENCH PEOPLE WHO GIVE ONE’S SUPPORT BY ITS SILENCE … Under the bombs, they are people who die under the guise of a resolution trampled. Times have not changed and even socialos approved.

    Chirac was not a great class president but at least he would have said NO. It’s a bit at these moments that I found my pride in being French.

    What do you expect for tell STOP ?

  2. chet says:

    I think u.s foreign policy is in a shambles. Nato allies are tring to steal oil from Libya. Just a month ago Gaddaffi seemes to be co-operating in giving up nuclear materials, now the stupid U.s. and its nato allies are helping Al-Quida? The Us foreign policy is being run by quakes of the oil industry.

  3. Anon says:

    I recommend if anyone can to boycott oil from Libya and demand oil companies and Nato restore Gaddaffi in power. They have all violated all laws and war really benefits no one.Most vterans of any combat wars suffer not only with physical injuries and disabilities but mental injuries and disabilities and the medical,financial,housing and continued welfare cost of all veterans is unaffordable just like the wars are unaffordable. The soldiers are no longer themselves and life becomes hell for them and hell for everyone around them.The environment,air,water,soil is damaged maybe for over a century, and Libya is now trillions of dollars in debt and Nato wont repair free they demand NTC who stupidly agreed to borrow the trillions to rebuild which means oil wealth went to war voting politicians, Libyan citizens, and Nato citizens are worse off and trillions in debt and get nothing but a destroyed country.Keep emailing and criticizing Nato,ICC,UN,the politicians, and the Oil co.s plus also criticize the NTC and rebels and maybe they will quit.

  4. patrodtartd says:

    Angry about main stream media manipulation, I made some cartoons:
    For those whom are interested:

  5. Brian says:

    Just like to say thanks for all the work that has gone in to this project. It does make a difference. I ate an apple today, picked the best one of my Mum’s tree. The UK weather has been good for apples. Then I think of the horrendous situation in Sirte.

  6. Jim says:

    Thanks for this brilliant website! I always thought there was something fishy about the whole libya story, and couldn’t find much to corroborate all the ‘facts’ in the mainstream, and that’s when I discovered this site.

    I find myself asking,
    How do you rally against the conditioning that forces most people to reject anything that goes against the mainstream media ?

  7. Funmi Ade says:

    I believe what is needed is concerted effort of activism led by a consortium of organizations such as yours, to plan & bring efforts together internationally to stop this. We need the attention of indivduals such as Jesse Jackson in USA, Mandela in South Africa & public figures in UK, so we can quickly force a change. War Crimes action should also be brought against Obama in USA & Cameron in Britain, as has been done in France. There is a Stop the War campaign in UK on 8th Otober, which I am trying to promote as much as I can. I am getting in touch with churhes etc for prayer but there seems to be alot of apathy. Only a unified effort can help stop this cruelty. I have written scathing reports to Amensty & HRW even Stop the War , written to my MP & provided comments on RT & BBC. Please try & initiate something to bring public awareness to this crime against humanity happening right before our eyes. I would be happy to do what I can. Clearly we cannot rely on the press who are clearly complicit in this. I believe the lies they are telling are designed to mute a planned escalation of bombing against Sirte, Beni Walid & Sabha, as is the constant lie only two areas remain loyal to Gaddafi. How do I join your organization?

  8. Alena Ruta says:

    Dear Lizzie Phellan, thank you for your heroic work, I have been watching you on RT at the worst times in Lybia. You are shaming all the reporters in the main stream media. Thank you for telling us the truth, we need the real news so much. Thank you for your personal courage.

  9. dan says:

    Sirte residents accuse Libya fighters of looting

    SIRTE — Residents returning to Sirte are accusing Libyan interim government fighters of demolishing and looting homes, shops and public buildings in Moammar Gadhafi’s home town to take revenge for its support of the fugitive leader.

    “They envy and hate us because Moammar is from here. But we are just civilians. The revolutionaries are coming here for revenge and destruction,” said a Sirte resident who did not want to be named. “We didn’t resist in this neighborhood so why did they destroy our homes?”

  10. The FORUM FOR THE FUTURE OF AFRICA in Namibia is very much angry with the Western Imperialists who think that this world is theirs to dictate. Muammar Gaddafi has not been so bad more than George Bush and Ronald Reagan who butchered innocent Vietnamese, Cambodians and recently Iraqs. You are fighting against terror but you go arround provoking terror.
    The world is not going to be peaceful with America policing the world while raping the victims and powerless. You killed Osama but if you do not change there will be thousands if not millions of Osamas because of your attitude of stealing peoples resources in Africa and the world.
    Do not think that power can always win a war. Mind do.

  11. humanati says:

    I made this video. It is true. It is time we took back our world from politicians who work for bankers & corporations led by the Rothschilds.

  12. Big Ed says:





  13. I had send this with an thankyou for help to understand to UN should Libya real like that then thay should love their new futurless. People power. Now cellebrate the time of HIV and doom. I trust Gaddafi and he trust in the people around him so the awnser is seeable. When you not able to trust your next how can you trust in god. Gaddafi said before he win so or so the people had the choose and they do so enjoy it it is real intresst for my self that people love such thinks what every animal can do. Archimedis is dead an pi too.

  14. Funmi Ade says:

    Please can you tell us what has happened to Leonor’s blog, whih has been removed
    Thank you

  15. nsnbc says:

    Dear friends.
    Please notice this article and publication of a US Special Forces Training Manual in Unconventional Warfare, which discloses the cynical, step by step, murderous logic behind US backed subversions, such as in Libya and Syria. Please help us make the “evidence” go viral before it may be “disappeared” from the internet.

    Warm regards.
    Christof Lehmann
    editor – nsnbc

  16. José says:

    Dear Friend,

    The smokescreen of alleged human rights a formal universal aspiration is holding right now in many places, the exercise of the most sacred and foremost: The right to life violated the humanitarian interventions that are tried in Syria and in the Libyan case has led to the murder of 2% of its population. If the interventionist claims thrive poorly disguised what right will enjoy the thousands or millions of victims sacrificed in the name of greater good to be either missing or dead to themselves or anyone else except for the corporate death?.
    The UN itself goes the awful scene of the postwar period in Libya, what is fatal logic tries to persuade us that this scenario is good and repeatable for Syria?. The success of the propaganda campaign of mental manipulation of language and that has paralyzed the conscience when opposing war humanitarian advantageous for oil companies and their governments, can be a reason from the general interest of the humanity hope to repeat the slaughter?

    From Eyes for Peace, an international group emerged from the “humanitarian” military interventions recent, we believe it is time that does not support further delay, begin to act again against the war. The manipulation of information, perversion involving the humanitarian alibi far more pernicious substitution stun answer any of those “weapons of mass destruction” that allowed killing a million people in Iraq requires us to act urgently to try avoid repetition of scenarios of death in Syria, these small differences lies that are inherent in the prevailing system of spoliation and its cyclical crises.

    Grown big monopolies and their governments to their success in Libya, without criticism that has questioned relevant, this fact is giving them the supposed moral license needed in these times of crisis to repeat another atrocious slaughter in Syria, so blessed it is for governments or institutions that have been lost since his corruption and external control, legitimacy. This representation of the voice of the alleged victims to the exclusive claim to defend the actors and speakers of humanitarian war, just how paralyzing the target response to the barbarism of war and legitimize the immense power as sacred Western military, institutional violence only imbued with the gift of perceiving and representing the voice of force. The curse of war is a last resort, not a resource. It insults the intelligence and human moral foundation of law, if those to avoid barbarism involved in instigating, obviating the respect between states and international law.

    The risk of outlaws disguised as Democrats again to organize another carnage, urges action immediately to the seriousness of the facts, that increase their risk in direct proportion to how the deception and manipulation go to extremes of an execrable villainy, where else not dismantle the script “humanitarian” (to die to save civilians), this will be repeated ad nauseam in every town or country to decide the empire, its weapons of mass deception and our paralysis induced humanitarian false choice. This historical fact maintains a before and after: From effective actors faced with war, we have usurped skillfully ethics and we have kidnapped eviscerándola together ourselves. Everything is digestible and food for a system that feeds on the blood of millions of people.

    The introduction of irrational speech and liar in politics as we know from historical experience that keeps the tragic consequences for humanity manipulated. In his statements, without, in his chronicle sources not mentioned in the concealment of what he does not care to mention, keeps in the ideological structure of the speech the same will to power, the same charge can sow evil dead the world ; this ideology that appealed also to the irrationality of propaganda and that in this case wants to persuade of the need for “small sacrifice” of humanitarian war, to convince at the bottom of the inevitability of the great holocaust that will follow. Aware of the use they want to do evil of human kindness, in the silence of conscience handled by a course so altruistic and benefactor actually used how welcome for war plans, is why we urge a comprehensive response : Neither we nor can we be partners needed for this evil nonsense which lead to suffering humanity without limit. Silence fearful of the evil, besides finding it, is the vital reinforcement which guarantees its success in inverse proportion to our passivity.

    Only from the moral and intellectual relevance since it is possible to unite the scattered and diminished forces clamoring in the wilderness against the perversion stun Newspeak belligerent. That is, we invite you to join back to the cause of “no war” from a platform that we must raise, and by us, our full confidence in you from the same proposal and also that our offer will everything in our power to summon the will in this worthy fight we want abanderes. Leading this movement is a particularly charismatic work, since only since independence, and from a strong sense of ethics is likely to face the horror.

    Other prominent figures in history of civic engagement on the war have already expressed their commitment to this proposal. Eyes for Peace Since we only provide a link between you, do not want any role, yet we know that only your moral and intellectual leadership will be able to awaken people of good will, many with that goodwill kidnapped by the apparent impasse that we force their falsehoods fed false dilemmas, prejudices and ignorance that override the rational capacity, learning, experience and vision of the whole.

    To send us and we will promptly saying who you are integrated in the direction of this cause, the most noble and essential of all: Our survival and that of others.

    A hug,




    -Rosa Regas, writer, former director of the National Library of Spain

    -Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize

    Jose Luis Sampedro-writer, humanist, economist, who advocated a more humane and supportive, for dignity
    of peoples. Order of Arts and Letters and Spain for his outstanding literary career and his commitment to ethics.

    Carlo Frabetti, writer, academician of the Academy of Sciences New York,
    President of the Association Against Torture

    -Andrés Vázquez de Sola, journalist, painter, cartoonist

    -Noel Colon Martinez, founder of the National Independence Movement
    Hostos, Puerto Rico

    -Mario Augusto Jakobskind, journalist, Chico Mendes Award 2012. Brazil

    -Isabel Pisano, writer, war reporter

    Willy Toledo, actor

    -Julio Anguita, former general secretary of the PCE and the United Left of Spain

    -Carlos Tena, journalist, music critic

    -Mario Casartelli, writer, poet, cartoonist, songwriter. Paraguay

    -Javier Ruibal, songwriter

    -Eleanor Massanet, pharmaceutical, psychologist,

    Alejandro Torres-Rivera, a lawyer, writer, political analyst, Professor of
    University. Puerto Rico

    -Jorge Beinstein, Professor of International Economics. his lecture “Globalization and
    Crisis “, University of Buenos Aires, has become open chair
    to analyze the situation in Syria, aggression against that country and the danger of war

    -Iñaki Errazkin, writer, political commentator of RT, director of the portal Insurgent

    -Francisco Frutos, former general secretary of the PCE and the United Left

    Flavio Signore, journalist, war reporter, a film director. Italy

    -Alejandro Iglesias Rossi, composer, IRC-UNESCO Award 1985 and IREM-UNESCO 1996
    (The two highest musical honors UNESCO), former Honor Award Jury of Music
    of UNESCO. Argentina

    -Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, Mayor of Marinaleda

    -Hugo Gomez, lawyer, former diplomat, political science exprofesor

    -Rina Bertaccini, geographer engineer, an expert on security issues, militarization and
    struggle for peace. President of the Movement for Peace and Sovereignty
    Solidarity between peoples, MOPASSOL. Vice President of the World
    for Peace. Argentina

    -Herman Schiller, journalist, historian, teacher, activist DD.HH., former director of the newspaper
    Jewish community in Argentina, “New Presence”, since that was dismissed by the solidarity
    with the Palestinian cause, host of the “Wood Fire”. Argentina

    -Cristina Castello, poet and journalist from Argentina, living in France.

    Azalea-Robles, researcher, journalist, poet. Citizen of the world

    -Dr. Martin Almada, educator, lawyer, founder of the Department of Cooperatives of Paraguay. Alternative Nobel Prize for Peace and member of the Executive Committee of the American Association of Jurists (AAJ). He discovered the secret archives of Stroessner’s political police, denounced Pinochet querellante.Posee dozens of awards for its ethical commitment. Paraguay

    -Joseph Rigane, Secretary General of the Federation of Energy Workers of Argentina (16,000 members) and Deputy Secretary General of the Confederation of Workers of Argentina (1,700,000 members)

    PD: Enter this wedge to get the incorporation of personalities from the United Kingdom, France, USA, may be a good strategy from the global perspective of the platform, trying to create opinion against these new wars perverse humanitarian discourse in the nucleus of the same cities responsible for these atrocities that we condemn.
    I heard a few days ago a statement brave American activist Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, that would make a strong candidate to put to the need to join and promote this Global Platform in USA. Do you can contact her for trying to?, Can you give me some e-mail of any important personality to which to put to the membership of this initiative?. Adhesions also need of relief of the few remaining alive in the fading Europe. Demonstration of comprehensiveness and efficiency strategy.

  17. Rob Heusdens says:

    Is there a Libyan government in exile that represents the true interests of the Libyan people?
    The current government can be shown to have acted grossly AGAINST the interests of Libyan people, and only in the interests of imperialist powers.

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