Global Civilians for Peace have documented, filmed and witnessed the impact of the crisis on Libyan citizens, the effects of Nato bombing and the increasing refugee crisis both outside and inside Libya as well as the escalating and often barbaric violence associated with the civil war. Documentary films and speakers are available for public meetings and discussions.

For further information interviews or to book a public meeting please contact:

Golbal civilians for Peace in Libya



3 Responses to Meetings

  1. amani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am shocked and dismayed at the NATO bombing in Libya. As a UK citizen I would like to help your organisation in any way I can that will raise awareness of the atrocities NATO has inflicted on the Libyan people. I believe that we must work together immediately before this disaster spirals out of all control and hope that you will contact me regarding any help or assistance that I can provide.

    Yours faithfully,

    Amani Naji

  2. Eager to Help says:

    I am also shocked and dismayed at these actions. How can I help raise awareness locally in the United States? I would like to help your organization in any way that I can. I can no longer sleep at night knowing that these actions are being carried out in Libya while I do nothing but post my opinions on Facebook. NATO must be stopped before this escalates any further.

  3. Régis says:

    I am French and I am ashamed
    I am French and I am ashamed of the acts perpetrated by the French government. What hypocrisy! AND ALL THE FRENCH PEOPLE WHO GIVE ONE’S SUPPORT BY ITS SILENCE … Under the bombs, they are people who die under the guise of a resolution trampled. Times have not changed and even socialos approved.

    Chirac was not a great class president but at least he would have said NO. It’s a bit at these moments that I found my pride in being French.

    What do you expect for tell STOP ?

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