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Human rights disaster unfolding in Libya

‘Humanitarian’ intervention brings humanitarian catastrophe LiberationNews, Derek Ford, JULY 21, 2012 Nine months after the U.S./NATO-led overthrow of the Muammar Gaddafi government in Libya, the country remains entrenched in violence and disorder; human rights abuses are rampant. In fact, according to Nasser al-Hawary of … Continue reading

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Libya: where violent and predatory militia gangs have become the real power in the land

The Independent – 08 Jul 2012 Libyans voted in their first democratic election yesterday to choose an interim national assembly to rule the country after the overthrow of Mu’ammer Gaddafi. International interest in this crucial election has been sparse compared … Continue reading

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Libyan armed militias ‘have stranglehold on country’

Telegraph – 5th Jul 2012 Amnesty International said that Libya risked repeating the violations that led to the uprising that removed the dictator after 42 years in power last August. On Saturday, Libyans will chose a congress to appoint a … Continue reading

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“Playground War – Libya” – Documentary

Comment on Documentary “Playground War – Libya” By Lizzie Phelan The newly released documentary by Journeyman TV, Playground War – Libya, is an extremely important and heartbreaking insight into the realities of NATO’s war on Libya. Shot in Sirte, the … Continue reading

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