Global Civilians For Peace In Libya


Global Civilians is a non-governmental organisation made up of ordinary civilians campaigning for peace and reconciliation in Libya and end to the NATO bombings.

We have conducted three fact finding delegations to Libya during the months of April, May and June and still have delegates in Libya.  Global Civilians for Peace have been granted unique access to ordinary Libyans and documented and received testimonies of the causes and the impact the current crisis is having on the lives of the Libyan people.

Delegates have now visited eastern and western Libya. We have gathered a unique insight to the crisis that is not being portrayed in the vast majority of media outlets. They are preparing a number of documentary films and collating written testimonies of Libyan civilians and others affected by the crisis

Delegations have included doctors .journalists, documentary film makers, teachers, community workers, health workers, humanitarian aid campaigners and business people. Some are Christian, some Muslim and some are of no religion. Some are leftwing, some are rightwing, some are centre, some are rich some are poor. They have included British, French, Italian, German, American, African and Palestinian citizens. Together they are a cross section of ordinary civilians.

Our aim is to disseminate the Truth surrounding the events in Libya as a prerequisite for helping to bring about a just and sustainable peace.

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  1. paul says:

    Has anyone any news on Eleanor who was one of the top providers of information from Libya with her blog Leonor.libya.blogspot? Seems very strange that its been down for a month whilst being highly active? And she’s provided no comments on-line confirming her status. I don’t think this is in “bad-faith” so it seems strange.

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