The Libyan People’s Opposition to NATO/Rebels

The Green Desert – The Libyan People’s Support For The Jamahiriya

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Libyan Girl Addresses NATO

Tripoli 01/07/2011

Al Ajayat – 14/07/2011

Zlitan – 15/07/2011

Zawiyah – 16/07/2011

Azizia – 19/07/2011

Sirte – 21/07/2011

Al Khoms – 26/07/2011

Tarhuna – 30/07/2011


Manifesto of the Libyan Tribal Council – May 2011

Posted: 2011/09/02
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Tripoli, May 2011: Hundreds of tribal leaders gathered under a giant tent to call for an end to an armed uprising against Col. Muammar Gaddafi and to NATO aerial attacks on his forces.

Speaking for Libya’s 2000 tribes, the Council issued a Proclamation signed by scores of tribal leaders from eastern Libya.

By this letter to the extraordinary African Summit, convening in Addis Ababa, the notables of the Eastern tribes of the Great Jamahiriya confirm their complete rejection of what is called the Transitional Council in Benghazi which hasn’t been nominated nor elected by Tribal representatives but rather imposed by NATO.”

What is called the Transitional Council in Benghazi was imposed by NATO on us and we completely reject it. Is it democracy to impose people with armed power on the people of Benghazi, many of whose leaders are not even Libyan or from Libyan tribes but come from Tunisia and other countries.”

The Trial Council assures its continuing cooperation with the African Union in its suggestions aimed at helping to prevent the aggression on the Libyan people”.…

The Tribal Council condemns the crusader aggression on the Great Jamahiriya executed by the NATO and the Arabic regressive forces which is a grave threat to Libyan civilians as it continues to kill them as NATO bombs civilian targets.”…

We do not and will not accept any authority other than the authority that we chose with our free will which is the People’s Congress and Peoples Committees, and the popular social leadership, and will oppose with all available means, the NATO rebels and their slaughter, violence and maiming of cadavers. We intend to oppose with all the means available to us the NATO crusader aggressors and their appointed lackeys”.

According to one representative of the Libyan Supreme Tribal Council, “The tribes of Libya have until today not fully joined in repelling the NATO aggressors.

As we do, we serve notice to NATO that we shall not desist until they have left our country and we will ensure that they never return.”

Dr. Shakir Addresses Tribal Leaders – May 2011

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